If you want to learn the piano, there are the right techniques to learn, the right gestures to have and the right advice to follow. But if you want to progress quickly and efficiently, here are 5 mistakes to avoid!

1.      Bad posture

The first mistake to avoid is bad posture. If you put yourself too close or too far, too high or too low. In short, if you are badly positioned, then you may develop pain in your hands and arms in the long run. The ideal would be to take a central position at the right height, the arms at the level of the keyboard. You should be both flexible and mobile in order to be as comfortable as possible to play.

2.      Inadequate hand posture

It is common to position your hands incorrectly and sequence the movements of your fingers incorrectly.

First of all, you have to keep in mind that you do not play the piano with your fingers flat but your fingers well rounded. Also, when playing certain songs, it is best to know certain techniques such as passing the thumb from below when you go up to the right hand or from above when you go down. The reverse for the left hand. Thus you considerably improve your fluidity and playing comfort. You should also remember to practice hand separately to acquire independence of the hands.

3.      Lack of regularity

It’s no secret that you have to work regularly. Often we prefer to work a big session rather than a small session every day. It is a mistake, as the key is consistency. It is more effective to practice the piano for 10 minutes or 15 minutes every day than to do a single two-hour session once a week. Even if you take private piano lessons once or twice a week with a private piano teacher, that shouldn’t stop you from working for a few minutes alone every day.

4.      The relentlessness

If you are having difficulty learning, don’t go too far. Obviously, you will have to practice to overcome the blockages but do not persist because this can only give rise to and reinforce frustrations.

And, the results will not be convincing. Rather, take it philosophically and work through the difficulties a little bit each day and gradually you will get there.

5.      Difficult access to his piano

The last mistake to avoid is poor accessibility to your piano. It serves you rather as a storage compartment, it is covered with various objects, or it is placed in an unpleasant corner. To progress, we must limit the barriers. If you decide to play now straight away, you should have easy access to your instrument.