Children’s Piano Buying Guide

Buying a piano for your child can be a tricky task if you are not a musician. How much to spend? How big should the piano be? What is the best type of piano for beginners? These questions are very common for parents, but with the right information, you will be able to make an […]

How To Learn To Play The Piano Without Music Theory?

You are dying to learn the piano, and your fingers are fidgeting at the thought of manipulating the white and black keys. Yes, but here you are, you have stopped there in your process. What turns you off is this dreaded music theory. So, you are procrastinating, putting aside your thirst to learn how to […]

A Guide To Buy The Best Piano Benches

Buying an instrument and especially a good quality piano represents an investment that may leave you with a lower budget to acquire the rest of the accessories necessary for the good practice of your instrument. Many pianists are trying to keep costs down, purchasing their bench is no exception, and many of them go with […]

Useful Tips to Tune Your Piano

Now that you have everything you need to adjust a piano, you have to get started! Here are 10 steps to tune a piano: 1.  Press the damper pedal and repeat the process before placing each wedge between the strings, 2.  Place two wedges or a plastic clip to suffocate adjacent strings, 3.  Start by […]

Why Should You Tune the Piano

Whether you play a grand piano or upright piano, tuning a piano is an impossible task if you are not equipped with the appropriate equipment, and if you do not take the usual precautions. When you have just bought a piano, you don’t think about the factors that will detune it: movements, temperature variations, humidity […]

Can You Become a Pianist Using an Electric Keyboard?

Used as an instrument or as a game, the electric piano allows many uses. It is particularly appreciated by beginners who do not want to break the bank to start in music. Buying a piano is a big investment, it is better to be sure of yourself and start with a virtual keyboard before buying […]

Is It Possible to Learn Piano Without a Teacher?

Starting the piano without a piano teacher, unless your name is Mozart, Beethoven, or Bach, will not be a cakewalk! When you are alone, method and organization are essential. You have to prepare your piano sessions, play, and watch yourself play at the same time in order to be able to correct yourself. It is […]

How to Become a Self-Taught Pianist

Learning music and the basics of the piano can be done in many ways: conservatory, music school and private lessons, etc. However, these various methods have the drawback of being either difficult to integrate or costly. Moreover, as a beginner adult, it is very difficult to find musical training. Why not learn the piano on […]

Tips to Approach Louis-Claude Daquin’s Le Coucou

Written by Pianist Lee Jae Phang Another bird-related post? Yes, I haven’t gone cuckoo! Le Coucou by Louis-Claude Daquin is what one would call an oldie but a goodie. It has been a favorite among budding pianists since the early days of my piano education, and continues to fascinate piano students around the world. To […]

Is It Difficult to Become a Pianist When You’re Old?

Whatever discipline you are learning, it is always advisable to start young. A child’s brain is a sponge, which absorbs all knowledge and remembers it for a long-long time. If children learn quickly, what about in adulthood? Does an adult have the same approach to music as a child? The first hours of learning the […]