Where Can You Find Your Private Piano Teacher?

Learning to play the piano will help bring out the artist in you. Music has always been used as a tool to express emotions, and if you can learn how to play the piano, then you can create magic around you. But, in order to do so, you need the right piano teacher. Piano teacher: […]

How to Choose a Private Teacher

Music education is not a service like the others: we do not buy a service for temporary use, but very often for the time of a school year, with several hours of lessons per week or month. There has to be a strong bond between the student and teacher. It would never occur to anyone […]

How to Prepare for Royal Conservatory of Music Exams

Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) is the standard piano method system in Canada. It is used to measure the student’s ability along with providing books for each grade in different styles. Also, it offers exams with certification at each grade level. If you are about to give an exam for Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM), […]

Learning to Play the Piano – Where to Start?

The piano is one of the prime musical instruments. Those who have studied music say that whoever masters the piano will easily be able to play any other instrument. Besides, learning to play the piano can be a beautiful thing, and much easier than it seems. Many experts claim that playing the piano has many […]

5 Mistakes to Avoid on the Piano to Progress Effectively

If you want to learn the piano, there are the right techniques to learn, the right gestures to have and the right advice to follow. But if you want to progress quickly and efficiently, here are 5 mistakes to avoid! 1.      Bad posture The first mistake to avoid is bad posture. If you […]

Why Should You Hire a Piano Teacher to Play the Piano?

If your goal is to learn the piano, one of the first questions you will probably ask yourself is: how to learn? Are you already convinced that you will need a teacher? The choice to go through lessons with a teacher or to learn the piano on your own depends in my opinion on two […]

Benefits and Drawbacks of Learning Piano Through Online Videos

The main drawback of learning online is the lack of physical contact, therefore, checking what you are playing. Alone, with help on the internet, you will need to be disciplined and organized to learn. Online lessons can be useful for several reasons: You can’t find a teacher A private tutor is quite expensive You are […]

Benefits of Taking Piano Lessons

In addition to being a classic instrument, responsible for wonderful sounds, the piano also brings many benefits to those who practice it and also to those who listen to it. Whoever plays piano or listens to the amazing sounds of a piano experiences many benefits, but one who plays comes across more benefits than the […]

Why Is Learning Piano Good for Learning Other Instruments

The small pupils of the conservatory almost all make their first scales on a keyboard. Indeed, piano lessons are not exclusive to future pianists. Mastering this versatile instrument has many benefits for musicians and singers. Easy learning of music theory, accompaniment, tuning, work on dexterity, and accuracy. Discover all the reasons to learn the piano […]

What’s The Right Age For Children To Learn Piano?

It is often said that there is no age for learning, and the same applies when it comes to learning piano. Whenever you feel like you want to learn this amazing musical instrument, you can find a teacher and learn it. However, when it comes to your child wanting to learn the piano, you should […]