If your goal is to learn the piano, one of the first questions you will probably ask yourself is: how to learn?

Are you already convinced that you will need a teacher?

The choice to go through lessons with a teacher or to learn the piano on your own depends in my opinion on two things. Ask yourself the question:

Learn the piano with a teacher

Going through a teacher is essential if you start piano and music from scratch.

Without any notion of notes and rhythm, it will be very difficult for you to move forward. It is not even about reading sheet music. Without music theory, your knowledge will remain limited.

The teacher, support and stimulation

The teacher will immediately give you the tools to learn. Learn the first notes, play the first keys with a certain touch, adopt a good position in front of the instrument.

Immediately too, your teacher will know how to correct your mistakes. The teacher will point out some details about the sheet music, the keyboard, the pedals, and how a piano works.

In short, the teacher is the ideal accompaniment. It’s rather reassuring to have someone nearby, we are not alone. And, we know that we are taking good habits.

The teacher is then there to give the right direction to the teaching of the piano. The choice of lessons and songs played is important. All on your own, it is difficult to choose what to do.

At the same time, the student-teacher discussion is crucial. It takes a good relationship to be confident. If you are confident and motivated, then you will learn a lot quicker.

The teacher keeps you accountable and is a stimulating contact

The teacher must stimulate you so that each new thing learned constitutes a step forward and therefore a successful objective. He must be able to make you express the best of yourself.

A teacher who consults with you to play songs you like is also part of this good relationship. You will certainly be more diligent on songs that you find pretty. More time in front of a song also means faster progress.

Your goal is to improve yourself

Taking lessons is a condition if you want to become an expert pianist. You must have ambitions because only then, you can improve your piano skills. There is no need to rush, as nothing will happen immediately and without effort. With lessons, take it step-by-step and you will progress. A lot depends upon the teacher you select for learning the art of piano, so make sure you choose the best piano teacher in the town.