Why Is Piano Learning Good For Your Child?

Providing beginner piano lessons for your child is perhaps one of the best things to do during their education. Learning the piano indeed has many benefits, which facilitate the future social life of the individual. Through children’s piano lessons, your child will learn to be more lively, more persevering and sociable, more creative, sensitive, and […]

How To Read A Piano Score?

Before starting piano lessons, some musicians go through music theory lessons. These lessons are where they learn to decipher a score. In particular, they learn concepts such as harmony, staff, clefs, tempo, rhythm, musical notation, counterpoint, key signatures, and much more. Reading a score means deciphering all the symbols that compose it and being able […]

Know The Basics To Learn The Piano Quickly

When you start playing the piano, you will be tempted to learn everything right away. Patience is not often there when it comes to learning, and especially if you are no longer used to school. However, this rush will only slow your progress. There are still a few techniques you should know to learn the […]

The Guide To Taking Private Piano Lessons

So you want to learn piano in private lessons? Here is all the information to become the piano king.   How much does a home piano lesson cost? Home piano lessons are an alternative to piano lessons at a conservatory or music school. Many people choose this option to take advantage of all the advantages […]

Want To Learn The Piano? Start By Working On The Independence Of Both Hands

In piano, generally, the right hand has a more melodic role, while the left hand is rather attuned towards harmony. In other words, the right-hand plays the melody, the left hand the chords. It is obviously not as simple as that. In so-called contrapuntal music, for example, the sharing of functions is much less accentuated. […]

Tips For Selecting A Good Piano Teacher

When you decide to embark on your musical journey around the piano, it is important to be ready yourself. Ready to wait for the progression to follow its course, to be patient and persevering despite frustrations. You should also know that the environment is very important. Your immediate entourage (family, friends) but people outside your […]

Classical Music and Learning the PIano

If you want to learn the piano, know first that all styles of music can be played on the piano. Whether it’s popular music, scholarly music, religious music, or any other music, it is possible to play it on the piano. This means that even if you don’t really like a particular musical current, you […]