The piano is one of the prime musical instruments. Those who have studied music say that whoever masters the piano will easily be able to play any other instrument. Besides, learning to play the piano can be a beautiful thing, and much easier than it seems.

Many experts claim that playing the piano has many intellectual benefits. In fact, the piano has long been a symbol of educated people and even of a certain social level.

But that has changed a lot and today the piano is very accessible, being able to play it is within everyone’s reach and the benefits go far beyond the cultivation of the intellect. You can do it while enjoying the music and it will also open the doors to many other instruments for you.

Benefits of playing piano:

To play the piano it is necessary to know the basics of music theory and to know how to read sheet music, which is a great advantage if you want to play another instrument later it will be much easier. Playing any instrument has a lot of advantages and benefits.

Reduces stress: the moment we learn to control an instrument, we take the musical experience to another level. Listening to music can be relaxing, but when you feel the music coming out of your hands, the effect is much stronger and richer.

Better Coordination: Playing an instrument requires a lot of skill, and although you may feel awkward at first, you will get better after a while. You will also see a big improvement in your motor skills in your daily life.

Improves memory: Playing an instrument also stimulates the brain and prevents certain Alzheimer’s diseases.

Expression: It’s a way of bringing out all of those things inside of you, ideas, or feelings. A way of opening up to the world and opening one’s mind, music fights sadness.

More social life: Playing an instrument can open a lot of doors for you as you will start to share a hobby with a lot of other people and who knows if you can one day play in public and brighten your friends’ day.

Types of piano

Most people think of the piano as expensive. And they are partly right, but it doesn’t have to be so. There are different options and some are cheaper, it’s up to you what kind of piano you want.

Grand piano: it is the most famous piano and this is the reason why it is often considered as an instrument for the rich. And a grand piano is indeed very expensive, in fact, some of them are real luxury items. There are several types of grand pianos, of different sizes. Not many people can afford it and only expert pianists usually have it, but the results are spectacular.

Wall-mounted or upright piano: This isn’t an expensive option, but it’s usually for those who take it seriously. Wall pianos are also often very expensive, but this is not something that is within the reach of a few. The cheapest is around $400 and, like grand pianos, there are some for those looking for luxury at astronomical prices.

Electronic pianos: The most common and accessible option. It’s the same as a wall piano, but the sound is electronic and does not come from the strings. The features it offers are very similar and only an expert could tell the difference.

Keyboard: The cheap option, its price is around $100. The difference is very big, between a keyboard and a real piano, for example, the keys do not weigh and this is a big disadvantage. But if you want to give yourself a try first, this is a very good option. Some very professional keyboards offer advantages over electronic pianos, as they usually have other sounds besides piano. They also include the weight on the keys.