Used as an instrument or as a game, the electric piano allows many uses. It is particularly appreciated by beginners who do not want to break the bank to start in music. Buying a piano is a big investment, it is better to be sure of yourself and start with a virtual keyboard before buying the piano of your dreams and being able to read musical scores!

Self-taught is the first to use it. You just need to sit in front of the screen to get started.

Composers often use this instrument since it possible to play with different sounds and to transform the sound of the piano into a completely different instrument.

In addition, some virtual pianos allow you to use MIDI technology to record your compositions. But, the virtual piano can also be used by toddlers for fun or to learn the sounds of music and work on coordination of the limbs, especially the hands.

So in addition to lessons, as a basis for learning or fun, the virtual piano is everyone’s friend, or almost.

You should know that advanced musicians will not progress much using this type of keyboard.

Ideal for beginners, it allows you to learn some well-known pieces by following the application, but won’t be of much help for a piano lesson on improvisation, use of pedals, tones, or vibrations.

How to play a virtual piano?

The virtual piano is quite intuitive. Used with a computer keyboard, you can choose your AZERTY or QWERTY language. You will have to strum everywhere, especially at the beginning to take control of your virtual piano online. The rendering is still totally different than on a real piano! Computer keys are not the same heaviness and are much smaller.

It is possible to use the mouse but it is much easier and more intuitive to use the computer keys as piano keys. The virtual piano is often available for free online. Check your internet connection and go for many hours of the online piano!

Virtual keyboards generally adapt to different tessitura: from -20 to +24 semitones.

On a smartphone, the keyboard will be displayed directly on your screen, allowing you to use the keys of the virtual piano by simply tapping on it!

Don’t we say strumming on his phone? Here, it will be literally.

Piano Online: Is It Effective For Learning?

Making music on your computer may sound like a lot of fun, but is it effective for progressing and learning to play the piano?

Learning musical composition, fingerings, chords, the names of notes, reading a score, all of this requires some effort and is not really on the program of virtual keyboards.

So what are they for?

Virtual pianos can take many forms. Software, applications, and websites, etc. On the internet, online pianos are sometimes accompanied by piano lessons to learn the basics such as using both hands, playing a melody, memorizing chords, or learning a piece.

A very good way to start the piano. But learning is only effective under a few conditions. Many pianists start music with the piano online because music schools are too far from their homes. This is a great reason to use the piano online.

The instrument is very effective for learning on the sole condition that the apprentice musician is sufficiently regular and motivated to progress. Indeed, the online piano allows you to play the piano and learn at your own pace. Class schedules are not imposed since it is up to the musician himself to define the time slots.

A task that is not always easy when you have a busy schedule. Hence the importance of being motivated. In addition, the virtual piano allows you to work from where you want. Whether in the library with headphones or at home in the living room, the virtual piano is transportable. An advantage that should not be minimized. And, the online piano is an instrument that is suitable for all ages.

For the little ones, online piano games will help to keep their attention, while the teenagers will be drawn into the challenges of certain apps. However, be aware that the virtual piano is especially effective for great beginners. But also that we do not play the same way on a computer as on a real piano.

Finally, the online piano will never replace a good teacher and educator.