Buying an instrument and especially a good quality piano represents an investment that may leave you with a lower budget to acquire the rest of the accessories necessary for the good practice of your instrument.

Many pianists are trying to keep costs down, purchasing their bench is no exception, and many of them go with a medium or low-quality bench.

However, if you are serious in your desire to progress, I advise you to invest in a good bench, which will not only make the practice of your instrument easier and more pleasant but can also prevent you from back problems, which happens when you play the piano in a bad posture.

The importance of a good piano bench

Buying a good quality piano bench is important whether you are an expert or a beginner. No matter what your level is, you will be spending a lot of time sitting down practicing and rehearsing. A comfortable bench will ensure good comfort, which will encourage you to play for longer, and will prevent you from developing bad postural habits if you are a beginner.

Considerations for Choosing a Piano Bench?

When it comes time to select a particular style of bench, here are the factors you will need to consider in making the right choice:

·         Comfortable padding

·         Height adjustment option

·         Congestion

·         Scope

·         Style and finishes

Keeping these elements in mind, you will buy a piano bench that will not only be comfortable and make your life easier but also acquire a beautiful object that will elegantly complement your instrument.

The different types of piano bench

Buying a piano bench is not a very complicated task; you just have to be careful about quality and comfort. The most important thing is that the bench you choose is durable and strong enough to train you for long hours.

1) Adjustable piano bench

These models are widely used by professional pianists, and they include dials on the sides so you can adjust their height to suit your height.

It is the best choice when several people in the same family are required to use the piano, especially children. They are well-padded and you can play comfortably with good posture.

Most of these adjustable benches have storage space under the seat. If you are looking for a durable and good quality accessory, then you should look at leather models.

Some models are designed with more elegance and style as professional musicians intend them for concert use. They of course tend to be more expensive, but such an object will also have the advantage of being a beautiful piece of furniture to enrich your interior.

Finally, you can find models designed to play as a duo. Some will even allow each musician to adjust the size of their side according to their preferences.

2) Adjustable stool

An adjustable stool will offer you a comfortable seat and the possibility of adjusting the height of the seat. It is a good compromise for a child who is starting to learn the piano.

You may find models with a leather or vinyl finish, but they will not be as comfortable as an adjustable bench.

3) Wooden piano bench

These piano benches offer an impressive finish that will complement the beauty of your piano wonderfully. They are very durable, and even after many years of use, you can still renovate them if the need arises. A wooden piano bench can have a vinyl or leather seat.

These models are also very well suited for families in which adults and children make use of the piano.

The main drawback of this type of bench is that it is impossible to adjust the height.

4) Upholstered piano bench

These piano benches have a pleasing style and are very comfortable, however, their finishes do not match that of a wooden bench. They are quilted and are therefore perfect for long training sessions.

The upholstery is usually made of foam or vinyl, and they are generally less expensive than a wooden bench.

5) Foldable piano bench

As the name suggests, collapsible piano benches are easy to store and transport due to their lightweight and the ability to fold them up. They are therefore often used for performing on stage and will be a good compromise if you are short on space at home. These benches are most often used with digital pianos or keyboards.

In conclusion

All pianists, regardless of their level, understand the importance of maintaining good posture, and it is important to choose a bench that will help maintain that perfect posture. You will therefore have to think carefully about the model you prefer, the use you plan to make of it, and set your budget accordingly.