Is It Difficult to Become a Pianist When You’re Old?

Whatever discipline you are learning, it is always advisable to start young. A child’s brain is a sponge, which absorbs all knowledge and remembers it for a long-long time. If children learn quickly, what about in adulthood? Does an adult have the same approach to music as a child? The first hours of learning the […]

How to Prepare for Royal Conservatory of Music Exams

Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) is the standard piano method system in Canada. It is used to measure the student’s ability along with providing books for each grade in different styles. Also, it offers exams with certification at each grade level. If you are about to give an exam for Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM), […]

Classical Music and Learning the PIano

If you want to learn the piano, know first that all styles of music can be played on the piano. Whether it’s popular music, scholarly music, religious music, or any other music, it is possible to play it on the piano. This means that even if you don’t really like a particular musical current, you […]